The Thing-finder, a narrative

An artefact discovered at an archeological excavation brings us knowledge and comprehension of prehistoric man and his material culture, and the man-made artefact mirrors the motivation, capability and artistic faculty of the maker.

This project focuses on artefacts from an anthropological perspective, how the examination of devices enables one to understand human behaviour, and in this particular case, the tale of a character. The project seeks to put the spectator in the archaeologist's place, analysing the collection as if the artefacts were archaeological findings.

The viewer is invited into a reverie with no definite answers, only suggestions. However, the conception and creation of the collection of artefacts is based on the following narrative:

“Once upon a future time, in a post-apocalyptic scenario a survivor is woken up by a dream that evokes vague memories of the life “before” and her only distinct memory is a melody. Every night, she listens to that same melody through her dreams, clinging to the composition of these notes. The melody starts with an A, and in an environment with no electricity or machinery, a tuning fork with the pitch of A is her single utensil to produce the note she is pursuing in this dislocated reality. The task of “thing-finding” engages her all day. She gathers materials and components to build musical instruments that will enable her to play the tune. Driven by an endless anxiety of forgetting the single memory from her past, the search for notes becomes her raison d'être.”

Collection of 7 artefacts

A sustainable consciousness goes hand in hand with a material consciousness. In this project rethinking and reusing what other people have discarded as trash is an outright criticism of the 'throw away mentality' and an aestetic choice. All products in the collection are made from found materials.


In collaboration with photographer Nicol Vizioli


'No. 144 - Appendix A' In collaboration with William Reynish

Early character development collages